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Definition and 5 Most Common Hotel Classifications You Need to Know

Definition and 5 Most Common Hotel Classifications You Need to Know

Actually, what makes an accommodation classified as a hotel? Do you know the hotel star rating system? Check the information here.

Definition and Classification of Hotels — One of the accommodation options that many Indonesians choose is hotels. Apart from its location in many places, the hotel is also known to have satisfactory facilities.

There are 5 most common hotel classifications that you need to know. The classification is divided based on the number of stars, location, purpose of visit, guests staying, and length of time guests stay. How is this classification? see the following review.

What is a Hotel?

Before discussing classification, you need to know what is meant by hotel.

A hotel is a building rented or owned by a person or institution who wants to use all or part of the accommodation, entertainment, food and beverage services, and business.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, a hotel is a building with many rooms that is rented out as a place to stay and eat for people who are traveling.

Hotels are also a form of commercially managed accommodation, provided for everyone to obtain services, lodging, food and drink.

Hotel Classification

Hotel classification is a system for grouping hotels into several levels. Grouping is carried out based on certain assessment measures, which include the number of rooms, facilities provided, existing equipment, and quality of service.

Based on Decree: Kep-22/U/VI/78, hotels in Indonesia are classified into five classes. ie

1 star hotel, 2 star hotel, 3 star hotel, 4 star hotel and 5 star hotel.

Meanwhile, hotels that cannot meet class standards or are below minimum standards will fall into the non-star hotel category.

Hotel Classification Based on Stars

The following is a classification of hotels based on the number of stars.

1. 1 Star Hotel

This is a hotel that is usually managed directly by the owner. A 1 star hotel has a minimum number of 15 rooms with a minimum area per room of 20 m². This type of hotel is usually located near the crowds with very cheap prices.

2. 2 Star Hotel

This is a hotel with better maintained and neat facilities. This hotel has a minimum of 20 standard rooms with a minimum area of 22 m² and 1 suite type room with a minimum room area of 44 m².

More than that, this hotel also has a restaurant and bar, a sports venue, and is usually located in a location that is easy to access with cabanas golondrinas with a better level of security than a 1 star hotel.

Hotel Classification Based on Location

Apart from the number of stars, hotels are also classified based on their location.

1. City Hotel

City hotels are a type of hotel located in central urban areas and are generally found in big cities. This hotel is usually aimed at tourists who are interested in city tourist destinations and business people.

2. Motor Hotel

Motor hotels or commonly called motels are a type of hotel located along highways connecting cities or regions. This type of hotel is usually intended as a short rest place for those who are traveling long distances.

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